It's not just good for the environment, it's good business.



Sustainability is one of MCO Transport’s Core Values.  We seek technology and practices that help us make the most of our resources and help us be good stewards of the environment.   

For example, we employ a  sophisticated document management system to process data efficiently between all locations with minimal paper waste.  And as a transportation leader in our communities, we go above and beyond the minimum environmental standards in our industry.  MCO Transport has been an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner since 2011, and continues to rank among their top fleets in most of their measurement categories. 


Driver Safety & Performance Metrics


  • Idle Reduction: APUs in all sleeper trucks eliminates the need for overnight idling. Regular monitoring & coaching of driver’s idling habits.

  • Speed Management: speedometer controls on trucks to optimize efficiency.

  • Critical Event Reporting: excessive overspeed & harsh brake events are not only a safety risk factor but also negatively impact fuel efficiency.  Drivers are coached on behaviors to improve their safety and engine performance.

  • Vehicle Inspections: Safety and operating policies, enhanced by driver incentive programs, support frequent inspection of equipment for possible defects or repair needs affecting performance.

Equipment & Maintenance



  • Tire Maintenance: Regular inspection and rotation extends the life of the tire, reducing waste and improving fuel efficiency.

  • Purchasing Program: With a regular vehicle replacement cycle, we prioritize lightweight, aerodynamic equipment with technology to support fuel efficiency.

  • Heavy cargo modifications: Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (AITS) and 'super single' tires on equipment that regularly hauls heavy loads.

  • Modern fleet: 100% Compliant with EPA emissions standards